/* This example script does the following: 1. This script requires a 'to_address' command line argument that will expect payments. 2. This script requires an 'amount' command line argument -- i.e., the expected amount. 3. This script requires a 'min_confidence' argument -- anything >= min_confidence is accepted as a valid payment. 4. This script checks for the amount's presence every second, and exits when the payment's been received. IMPORTANT! Specify your own API Key in this code. The to_address does not need to belong to your own account -- only requirement: it needs to be a valid network address. We recommend using the Bitcoin Testnet here. Please note that the Bitcoin Testnet (due to its small size) will reach ~0.8 confidence max. Live network for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin will reach 0.99 confidence. Contact support@block.io for any help with this. */