She’s keeping up with the Kardashians — and keeping it real, too.

An English mommy blogger who goes by “Knee Deep in Life” won the ardent support of her fans when she hilariously copied one of Kim K.’s most recent barely-there looks.

By cutting some strategically placed holes in an already minuscule black tank top, the mother-of-two — whose first name is Laura — paid side-splitting homage to a bizarre Thierry Mugler frock Kim wore out to the Hollywood Beauty Awards last week.

Kim’s look was characteristically revealing, with only a few bands of black fabric covering the whole of her gleaming chest and torso.

Meanwhile, Laura — who describes herself as “that person you avoid eye-contact with in the playground” in her social media bios — showed off a swirly tattoo on her flank while modeling her homemade version of Kim’s couture.

She topped off her look with a goofy face and a not-so-smiley emoji to protect her modesty. (Oh, and check out those inventive cuffs.)

“Sometimes it’s about accepting budgetary constraints…” she wrote on Instagram, “so you just work with what you got and pray your left t-t doesn’t pop out and start mopping the floor as you make pack lunches.”

Her 66,000 followers roundly applauded the send-up.

“Difficult to decide who wore it best to be fair!!!!!” one user joked.

“You are bloody brilliant!!” another gushed. “Thank you from all the real women with mum bods!!”

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