“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star Trina dropped a hot new track with Nicki Minaj Wednesday — and it appears to pay homage to the first black woman to win an Academy Award for best actress.

BAPS” — likely a reference to the 1997 comedy film “B*A*P*S”, or Black American Princesses, starring Halle Berry — features a sample of the 2000 song “Project Bitch,” and a Pac-Man-like dot-crunching background beat.

Language alert: there are some explicit lyrics in the audio clip below.

Berry’s flick tanked at the time but today is considered a pioneering rom-com and cult classic starring women of color on the silver screen at a time when that was far less common.

The “B*A*P*S” movie poster featured a crown above the letter A — and the “BAPS” album art also features a crown motif.

Berry acknowledged the film’s enduring impact in an interview with First We Feast earlier this month.

“I think when people run up and say they love ‘B*A*P*S,’ I absolutely know why,” the 2002 Oscar winner says. “Do I think that’s one of my best performances? Maybe not. But I know, for the community and my culture, I know what that means to us — as a people and as women.”

Natalie Desselle and Halle Berry in 1997's "BAPS."
Natalie Desselle and Halle Berry in 1997’s “B*A*P*S.”New Line Cinema/Everett Collection

This wouldn’t be the first time Berry has inspired hip-hop artists — she’s been name-dropped in tracks by Kanye West, Missy Elliott and Nas.

Trina and Minaj’s “BAPS” has racked up up over 245,000 views since dropping overnight.

Trina’s album “The One” is currently available for pre-order. Minaj has a new single, “Megatron,” due out Friday, which she teased this week on Instagram.

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