Emergency services are currently drilling a vertical tunnel to save Julen Rosello after obtaining a powerful new drill. Officials last night announced they were just 10ft away after relentlessly digging an 82ft tunnel for 15 hours through the hilltop where the well in Malaga is situated. They hope it would create a tunnel parallel to the well little Julen is stuck in so they can reach him. The drill was taken from a job on the Madrid motorway after officials stressed the urgency of the rescue mission.

Angel Garcia, the engineer leading the search, said: “Right now it’s as if Julen was the child of us all.”

Besides the race against time to get to the toddler, rescuers could face delays from underground rocks because the mission to save him has not seen any proper surveys done in the ground they are digging, making the bid to save the child dangerous for whoever is in the tunnel too.

A special capsule capable of supporting the weight of two volunteers and oxygen equipment has been passed down the tunnel ready for the final dig.

Emergency services and Julen’s parents Jose Rosello and Vicky Garcia are still clinging to the hope the toddler is alive.

Mr Rosello and Ms Garcia, both 29, are staying nearby in a house lent to them by a good samaritan after being asked to leave the hillside five days ago for their own safety.

Mr Rosello said the well was made by a prospector at the request of another family member to search for water.

It was supposed to have been sealed but the top of it had simply been covered with stones.

He also recalled the moment he was making lunch and realised his son had fallen down it.

Mr Rosello said: “My cousin was a bit nearer and threw herself on the ground as I reached the orifice.

“He had already gone. I heard him cry at first but then I didn’t hear him cry anymore.

“My wife went to phone into work to let them know she wasn’t going.

“She was with Julen and asked me to keep an eye on him as she made the call.

“He was only a few feet away.

“I went to get a couple of logs for the fire for the paella and he began to run.”

He also said their other son Oliver died aged three two years ago after suffering a heart attack thought to be linked to a defect.

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