Steny Hoyer, the majority leader of the US House of Representatives, condemned the attack branding them “unprovoked and heinous”. He added the US would continue to “ensure robust, bipartisan support for Israel’s defence”. On Friday missiles were seen across the Tel Aviv skyline.

Harsh sirens rang out across the streets as citizens were warned of the first missile attacks since 2014.

Following the attacks, Mr Hoyer tweeted: “Hamas and its Iranian patrons must not be permitted to threaten the peace of Israel’s cities and communities.

“Today’s unprovoked and heinous attack demonstrates why US-Israel security co-operation is so important.

“These attacks also show why Congressional support for systems like Iron Dome are so critical.

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“I will continue to work with Congress to ensure robust, bipartisan support for Israel’s defence.”

The attacks are seen as a retaliation against earlier strikes from Israeli military aircraft, which bombed Hamas facilities in the Gaza Strip.

Witnesses claim to have heard powerful explosions from the air strikes which rocked buildings in Gaza and lit up the sky.

The Israeli military said it was targeting “terror sites” including Hamas facilities.

Naftali Bennett, a member of Israeli Prime Minister’s security cabinet, said “the time had come to defeat Hamas once and for all”.

Hamas has denied any involvement in the rocket strikes.

A statement by the Hamas armed wing said it was “not responsible” for the firing of the rockets tonight toward the enemy.

The statement added that the administration vowed to “take measures” against those behind it.

Tensions between Israel and Gaza have been boiling ever since Palestinians began violent protests near Israel’s border fence.

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